Our story, how we started and our journey so far...

December 2008, Meeting Dr Akira Miyawaki

Afforestt’s founder Shubhendu attended a lecture by Dr Akira Miyawaki at Toyota Bangalore where he used to work as an engineer.

Dr Miyawaki

First forest with Dr Miyawaki in June 2009

Shubhendu worked as a volunteer with Dr Miyawaki at his first forest creation project in India.This is how the project looked like after 2 years in June 2011.

Dr Miyawaki

Research and Documentation of the Miyawaki Method

In December 2009 we started studying, researching and documenting the Miyawaki Method. This resulted in SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documents on how to create a forest using the Miyawaki Method.

Dr Miyawaki

November 2010, Creation of our first backyard forest

To test his skill and knowledge, Shubhendu independently created his first forest in Uttarakhand (India) using the Miyawaki method.This is how the project looked like after 3 years.


January 2011, Launch

Launched Afforestt on 1st Jan, 2011. We presented our work for the first time at the Bhoomi conference in Bangalore in January 2011.

Dr Miyawaki

August 2011, First residential project

After showcasing Afforestt’s mission and vision at various forums, we got our first project as a company to create a backyard forest in Whitefield Bangalore.

Dr Miyawaki

October 2012, INK Fellow

Shubhendu was awarded the INK Fellowship and given a chance to present Afforestt’s work at the INK conference.

September 2013, Ashoka Fellow

Shubhendu was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship and Afforestt was recognised as a social enterprise.


March 2014, TED

Shubhendu was awarded the TED Fellowship and he spoke at the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. After the talk was released online, Afforestt received major international attention.

March 2015, Namma Bengaluru Award

Shubhendu received the Namma Bengaluru award for outstanding contribution to Bangalore City.

Namma Bengaluru

June 2015, Shankarpalli

Our first large scale project. 10+ acres, 1,20,000 saplings.


August 2015, Afforestt in the US

Our first international project.

First International Project

September 2015, Open source.

Went open source


November 2015, IVN, The Netherlands

Our first International community based forest creation project. Also our first project in Europe.