In the quest to bring back our lost forests, the need to grow native species of trees is of critical importance. In fact, the introduction of invasive species (deliberately or accidentally) is one of the biggest problems our planet faces. Several countries around the world take strong precautions to ensure this does not happen, and we, in India, are among the more lenient ones. The impact of the same can be felt all around us now, with poorer ground water levels, extreme climate and pollution. To tackle this, we have taken another step towards ensuring that native species are encouraged. Of the 15,000 plus native species found in our country,we have successfully planted more than 250 native jungle species in our projects across India. Our vision is to plant another 2000 native jungle species in the next 10 years. In order to bring back our lost forests, we must start planting only those species that grow in natural forests.For every forest we create, we survey the local jungle and make the best possible species combination. We do our best to replicate nature and create forests by establishing perfectly harmonious biological communities of jungle species.

Over the years we have developed a strong network of suppliers of jungle species across India. Demand for jungle species needs to increase manifold. If you are creating a forest on your own, and wondering what to plant then get in touch with us, and we will help you achieve the following:

  1. Make the best possible jungle species combination for your site.
  2. Provide you with information on each specie.
  3. Select and quantify species as per Miyawaki method.
  4. Ensure that the quality of each seedling is as per standard specification set by Afforestt.
  5. Deliver the seedlings selected to your site.
  6. Create site specific species distribution and arrangement SOP.


Cost of Seedlings (includes the cost of survey and research of the Potential Natural Vegetation of the geography. Making of the species list according to the site, including species-wise quantification)
Cost of Transport(as per actuals) Quotation will be submitted as per region and size of the land where the forest is to be created.

Precondition: We look at this service as an opportunity to create demand for jungle species. It will ensure that 'real' forests keep getting created, as opposed to random selection and dense plantation. We require absolute freedom to decide and define all aspects of species selection for your site. Your trust will help us achieve the best quality of forest creation, perfectly researched, planned and implemented.

Online Training

We are privileged to be living in a country with such amazing diversity of native flora. It is unfortunate and ironic that the total number of native species being planted across the country is less than 100. We are on a mission to make all our indigenous species a part of our forest creation projects.Over the past 10 years we have developed a robust supply of forest species. A real forest creation project starts in the jungle with identification of native species, seed collection from mother trees, using best possible germination techniques in a nursery, and then planting the same seedlings in our projects. We would like all forest creators to follow the same path.

We are opening our supplies for everyone to help us bring back our lost forests.